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Daily life - Повседневная жизнь

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My morning

I am Antony. I am from Italy. I am not an early riser. I don’t like to get up at 6 or 7 a.m. I usually get up at 8 a.m. Then I always go to the bathroom, wash my face and hands, clean my teeth and brush my hair. Sometimes I do my morning exercises. I like to run in the park. I am a good eater and I always have breakfast. After breakfast I make my bed and put on my school uniform. At 8.30 I usually leave the house for school. I like to go to school with my friends.

Her morning

There lives a girl called Rose. Rose is from Scotland. She is a schoolgirl and her week-days begin early. She usually gets up at 7 a.m. Rose has two young sisters and when her parents are at work she always wakes her sisters up. They don’t want to get up but they do. Rose is only ten but she can make a tasty breakfast for her family. She always takes a cool shower in the morning, then she makes breakfast and they have breakfast together. Then Rose goes to her bedroom, makes the bed and dresses. She usually goes to school with her friend Diana. They are good friends.

At school

I am Gregory and I go to school. Our lessons start at 9 a.m. After every lesson we have a break. At break we can play board games, walk or read a book. After a third lesson we always go to the canteen to have lunch. I usually have a bun (сдобная булочка) and some juice. My favourite juice is orange. We usually have five or six lessons. I like studying.  We learn many subjects but my favourite is Maths. I am good at maths. Our lessons are usually over at 2 p.m. After lessons I always go home.

In the afternoon

Our lessons are usually over at about 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. After lessons I always go home. Sometimes I leave school with my friend Denis. We walk and chat. We live in the nearest blocks of flats. We often stand near our houses and chat about music, TV programs, football or school life. Sometimes we don’t say good-bye for a long time.   

When I get home I’m always very hungry. My parents are usually at work and I have dinner alone. After dinner I rest a little. Sometimes I watch cartoons or play computer games. If the weather is fine we go to our school stadium. My friends and I are fond of football. If it’s raining I usually stay at home and start doing my homework.

Twice a week I go to the swimming pool with my dad. Sometimes I go there alone when he is busy at work. The swimming pool isn’t far away from our place. It’s a 10 minute walk. I often read something interesting. I like to read adventure stories. In the evening my parents come back home from work. I’m very glad to see them. We have a lot to talk about.

In the evening

I like our quiet evenings when my elder sister Julia and parents are at home. Our parents usually come home from work at 7 or 8 p.m. They work far away from home and they are usually very tired. My sister and I always help our mum with the household jobs. By the way, my sister is a student at the University. She is busy, too. But we share some jobs at home.

As for me I like to go shopping. Mum writes a shopping list for me and I buy everything that we need. I can wash up an vacuum ['vækjuːm]. We never argue (['ɑːgjuː] спорить) or quarrel (['kwɔr(ə)l] ссора) when we have to do something about the house.

In the evening I often help mum make supper. I like it when we have supper together. After supper we usually watch TV, have tea and chat. Sometimes we play board games.

My father and I are good at chess. When my father was a young man he was a champion of our city. That’s why I win very seldom.

Before going to bed I usually read a book.  I don’t like to go to bed very late because I have to get up early. I always take a shower, say good-night and go to bed. The day is over.

I don’t like being ill…

I can’t say that I fall ill very often. Usually I catch a cold once or twice a year. And of course, I have being ill.

When I was a child I fell ill with some children’s diseases. My mum says that I fell ill with mumps (свинка), measles ([miːzl] корь) and chicken-pox (ветряная оспа, ветрянка). I was little and I don’t remember how I was ill and how I recovered.

Last year I fell ill with flu [fluː], because I went for a walk when it was very cold and ate some ice-cream outside. In the evening I felt bad. My mum took my temperature, it was very high. She called a doctor. When the doctor came she asked me what I complained of ([kəm'pleɪn] жаловаться на).  I said that I felt black and blue (black and blue в синяках) all over, I had a bad headache. The doctor asked me to strip to the waist (раздеться до пояса) and sounded my chest and listened to my heart and lungs. She diagnosed ['daɪəgnəuz] the flu. Every day I took some medicine. I stayed in bed for five days and stayed at home for more than one week. It was boring. I couldn’t read and see my friends.

Then I went to the polyclinic where I was put through some laboratory [lə'bɔrət(ə)rɪ]  tests. The doctor advised me to go in for sports and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.

I have followed the doctor’s advise. I go to the swimming pool twice a week and, of course, I don’t eat ice-cream outside when it’s cold.


As for me, I like to go shopping. I can’t say that my family has a shopping day. My mum and I usually go shopping in the evening or at the weekend. Of course, I always help my mum to carry heavy bags.

We usually go to the nearest supermarket. It takes us ten minutes to walk there. We can buy everything we need there. There is a wide choice of food. Everything is always fresh and tasty. Sometimes it’s very difficult to choose necessary things, but my mum always makes a shopping list. I help my mum to find these products on the shelves.

I have a sweet tooth (пристрастие). Sometimes I ask mum to buy some sweets and ice-cream. She usually agrees to buy them. When we need some clothes we go to the Department Store (универмаг). I like it when my mum buys new clothes for me. Of course, it’s very difficult to choose clothes which suit me and are very comfortable. My mum usually gives me good advice and I follow it. I like to look nice and fashionable. My mum always helps me. She is real friend. We like to do many things together.


Tastes differ. That’s why all people wear different clothes. Besides, they wear different clothes when it is warm and cold. When it is cold we put on sweaters, coats, caps and gloves. When it’s warm we take off warm clothes and put on light shirts or blouses and dresses.

My name is Sue. I am from Great Britain. My favourite clothes are jeans, shirts and sweaters or jackets. They are comfortable. And I can wear them in my any weather. But tomorrow it will be my friend’s birthday. He has invited me to his birthday party. So I’ll be wearing my best. My mother has bought me a nice suit and new shoes. We went to the shop together and chose a grey suit. I tried it on. It was my size and suited me. I looked great. Mother paid for the suit and we brought it home. It’s a pity I didn’t try the shoes on. They were the wrong size. So my mother changed them for a bigger size. And now they OK. Frankly speaking, I don’t like shopping. There are more interesting things. But my eldest sister likes to go shopping. Her name is Susan. She is twenty five. She isn’t married. She is a student. She goes to University. Susan wants to be a teacher. If she has enough money, she prefers to buy expensive things. She says: “They are a good fit and will last a long time”. She wants to look fashionable. But some people prefer to buy cheap things often. Tastes differ.

Yesterday I went shopping

Yesterday my mum was busy and she asked me to go shopping. I agreed to do it with great pleasure. My mum told me what to buy and I made a shopping list. It’s very convenient! With  a shopping list I never forget to buy what my mum wants.

Yesterday I had to buy some fruit and vegetables, milk, sour (['sauə] cream сметана), chiken, chees, bread and cookies.

At the greengrocer’s I bought some apples, oranges and carrots. At the baker’s I bought some bread and cookies. At the butcher’s I chose a nice chicken. I like dairy ['deərɪ] products (dairy produce / products — молочная продукция)  and I could choose tasty cheese, milk and sour-cream. In the evening when my mum came home from work she praised (хвалить) me. I had made a right choice.  There I helped my mum with making supper. We like to cook together. My mum teaches me cooking. She knows a lot of interesting recipes (['resɪpɪ] кулинарный рецепт). She is a good teacher, I think I’m a good pupil. Then my parents and I had a nice supper together. After supper we discussed our plants for the next weekend. We had a fantastic time together!


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